About us

We’re making the business-side of fitness and health studios more effective and simpler.

Because we believe that our clients want to spend more time on helping their members reach new heights and growing their business.
OneFitStop proudly supports a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals with a mission to service the fitness industry through our innovative technology.
We consider our clients as partners – working collaboratively to drive business growth while helping people across the world achieve their health, wellbeing and fitness goals.

Simple and
powerful vision

OneFitStop empowers premier fitness facilities to build efficient and powerful business operations through superior technology and remarkable experiences.

Our core values

build trust every day

dare to be the best

create exceptional value

deliver what we promise

care for one another as a family

Technology, innovation and operational partner

The health, fitness and wellbeing sector continues to evolve around the ever-changing nature of people. If your business doesn’t adapt, it will get left behind.

This is where purpose-built technology can help you revolutionize your business for the benefit of you and your members.

The is the industry-leading software package geared towards providing you with a strong user experience and operational clarity.

With one solution, you can gain access to an entire stack of applications across your entire business, equipping you with everything you need to succeed.

OneFitStop provides a dedicated and highly comprehensive solution for the fitness sector, catering to the needs of all stakeholders by providing meaningful applications, data and analytics. Through our local support teams and third-party implementation specialists, we optimize your daily operations and help your business reach a whole new level through the power of technology.

One system. Many benefits. A whole stack of applications at your fingertips.