There are many benefits to having a daily meditation ritual. There are several ways to meditate and not all involve looking at a dot on the wall. We teach 3 main types here at the clinic. If you think you dont have time to meditate then you probably need it the most!


1. THE EASIEST- ‘FREE WRITING’: This is very handy for people who don’t like to sit still and always want to be doing something. basically involves you writting continuously without stopping. you just write whatever you are thinking, even if it doesn’t make sense. The key is just to not stop! … We find that as silly as this feels it helps the mind ‘unwind’ and possibly lets thoughts that you would normally block surface.


2. FOCUSED BREATHING: This involves sitting in a comfortable position and just focusing on a certain simple task or sensation. We normally suggest either focusing on breathing in and out, focusing on the feeling of air flowing through the nostrils and upper lip or just noticing your heart beat.


3. ’TELLIE PROMOTER’ THINKING: This is similar to number two, but instead of focusing on something, you let your mind wander and encourage free thinking. The way we explain it is very similar to those scrolling feeds you see at the bottom of American news shows. Your thoughts just keep rolling out and you just practice witnessing them. Don’t try and control the direction of your thoughts. This takes a bit more practice than the other two, but we find its the best for people who have insomnia or a lot on their mind.


There are many ways to meditate and the above examples are just a few that we know of, which are relatively easy for our patients to pick up and use that offer the best results. If you would like to find out more please call on 1800 337 447 or find us at


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