For those of us who are dedicated to every last rep, who measure our successes in every workout, weigh every gram of food, plan and calculate all of our macros and micros and never limit our potential, there is now a product that ensures we meet our supplement goals in every session.


Presenting the Core 150 shaker. This revolutionary shaker, which is compartmentalized into 3 sealable 50gm sections (150gm total), provides the solution to all the measuring and storage problems that can occur with a traditional protein shaker.


Core 150 advise that traditionally, a person can use it to store their pre, intra and post workout nutrition, but you can use it to store a variety of alternatives such as vitamins or even small berries.


For the Australian home grown athlete, who balances their job, family commitments, social events and everything else life throws at them, the Core 150 provides a practical and efficient way to ensure we meet our daily nutritional requirements, even when we are on the go.


Here at OneFitStop, our sales team spend many hours travelling between appointments; and whilst on the road, we ensure our team are able to uphold the company values of promoting fitness and health, by equipping them with this effective tool for nutrition on the go.


We understand some may look at it as just another protein shaker, but for those who see their workout as more than an escape from the office; but rather as a haven for personal growth and development, there is no room for compromise on supplementation.




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