The T-bar is typically used for rowing exercises to work the rhomboids, trapezius, and lattisumus muscles. It can easily be substituted by a barbell or dumbbell row since using the T-bar may feel a little absurd (imagine pulling 50 kg of weight to your crotch).


However, creativity and application of functional movements can make this gym-corner piece of equipment into a challenging core and abdominal trainer.


Watch this video to see how to use the T-bar for an advanced clean and press motion.

Billy Goco

Billy Goco

Coach Billy has a bachelors degree in Sports Science and is certified in Myotherapy and Stott Pilates. He is experienced in coaching and conditioning both the recreational and serious athletes. He taught Physical Education subjects about the foundations of fitness, dual sports, team sports, and swimming. He was a Powerlifter during his University days and a silver medalist in the sport with a peculiar story to it. He has a diverse experience in coaching – from student athletes to recreational runners and fitness enthusiasts. He enjoys soccer, badminton, swimming, and running. He is currently married to the most beautiful person in the world and is now based in a country of winter sports.

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