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Lesson 3: Understand your clients

If you already have a few clients, take a moment to consider who they are. Are there any similarities or patterns that you are noticing? Record their ages, how you found them, what times you train with them and what they are interested in and tailor your services to match it. That way, you can better target similar customers in the future. Do your clients train in the mornings or evenings? Are they students or professionals and do they use social media?


Understand your clients to ensure that you maximise your session value!


Knowing your clients also allows you to better focus your marketing and sales efforts and target specific locations where your next client may be found.

Exercise: Take 2 minutes to write down a list of the ages, interests, the source of your clients and their training times. Once completed, look for any patterns and focus your efforts on attracting people with similar features.

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