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Step 5: Constantly advertise yourself in a unique way


Constantly try to think outside the box when you advertise your fitness business.

Once you have determined your skillset and audience (see steps 2-4), it’s time to get creative. If you’re not the creative type, never fear. Sites like freelancer or allow you to find people who could do some graphic design work for posters, flyers, T-shirts and more for a very low price. Feel free to do things that others aren’t. Perhaps you could advertise in a sports store to take people running in their new shoes? Maybe speak to a health insurer or a doctor and receive recommendations for new clients?

Exercise: Take 10 minutes and get creative. Try and think of ideas or new channels to advertise your business. Choose 1 or 2 and test them out over the next few weeks. If it seems to be effective, stick to it. Otherwise, try something else. Eventually you’re bound to find some great ways to get your name out there!

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