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Lesson #8: Be clear about yours and your clients expectations

There’s a great saying when it comes to sales (which you are doing right now!) – “Under promise and over deliver”. This is the #1 secret to ensuring that your clients stick with you till the very end. Conversely, never promise what you can’t deliver as you’ll burn through clients like calories on a treadmill. Unfortunately for all fitness professionals, the fitness industry is rife with quick fixes, lies and false promises offering “6 week shortcuts” to a body that takes years to achieve. Set expectations early to avoid any confusion, but don’t discourage clients from their goals either.


Grow Your fitness business, lesson #8: Be clear about yours and your clients expectations

Set expectations early to avoid confusion and dissapointment

Have a contract with a list of promises that you will make to your client- “always being on time” is a start, how about “notifying of changes 1 week in advance” or “committing to providing high quality sessions every time”.

The other important note about expectations is to set the expectations that you require of your clients. It’s important that they take you seriously, as that will ensure that you don’t get any nasty surprises. “When are payments due?” , “What happens if I’m late?”, “What do I bring to sessions?”. These are three basic questions to get you started.


Exercise: Create a list of expectations of your clients and promises to your clients. Walk through these from the beginning and ensure that everyone is committed to the same goals. This will ensure that your chances of success remain high.


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