This is an old fav of mine that I did every week for a while. I am in no way, shape or form a runner- so pardon me if this is very amateur or if this would be way too easy for you (and please amp it up if need be). Running on the treadmill has always been a challenge for me, but it means that I always get my heart rate up and burn some serious calories (who else is seriously envious of those people who do all these runs daily with ease- just knock out an easy 5km…pfft easy?)

This workout is all about warming up in the beginning by activating the back of the legs and bum with the incline and steady walking pace. Then the running intervals start and you see a slight progression in speed. At the end you blast yourself with an all out sprint. I’d recommend a quick warm down at the end, followed by stretching.

Inclines and speeds are going to differ based on the equipment you use, so please customise as you see fit (depending on fitness level, equipment, time restraints etc).


Time Incline Speed
1-10 9 5.5
10-12 0 9
12-13 0 6
13-16 0 10
16-18 0 6
18-20 0 9
20-21 0 6
21-22 0 10
22-23 0 6
23-24 0 11
24-25 0 6
25-25.5 0 12
25.5-26.5 0 6
26.5-27 0 13
27-28 0 6
28-28.5 0 11
28.5-29 0 12
29-29.5 0 13
29.5-30 0 14


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