Electrical Muscle Stimulator or EMS devices are one of the marketable and most used tools for an ultimate training as well as recovery tool for every fitness enthusiasts. EMS dramatically increases the power, endurance and strength, speed injury retrieval, pain reliever and many others.

Nowadays, people find new ways to become perfectly fit and stay on it all the time. Aside from the workouts, proper diet and dietary program, electrical muscle stimulator is also one great way to stay fit and tone muscles. It is gaining popularity because of its different benefits and features that one can use. EMS activates one hundred percent of the muscle fibers for an ultimate warm-up, recovery and performance.

These devices have been publicized for weight loss, recovery, training, muscle toning and rehabilitation as well as pain relief that is similar to the TENS machine. Additionally, it has been approved for increasing muscle density and strength, larger size muscle, more explosive strength and many others.

Compex is one great leader and global provider in electrotherapy. Their products are very advantageous for injury prevention, strong training programs and muscle recovery. It provides the best electric muscle stimulators and EMS devices. So, what are they?


Sport Elite Muscle Stimulator. This device is best suited for the high or competitive athlete performance by an exercise lifestyle and rigorous training. It features 9 programs and 5 progression levels that keeps athletes be challenged with each training. Such training programs include endurance program, resistance program, strength program and explosive strength program. No matter what kind of sports you have, Sport Elite requires different bodily preparation in order to reach peak performance. Using this device, you can ease neck pain, gain speed and strength, alleviate lower back pain, improve endurance and stamina, avoid twisted ankles and improve abdominal muscles significantly.


OneFitStop is currently has the new leading 2015 range of compex devices on sales:


Fit Range:

Compex Fit 1.0, Compex Fit 3.0, Compex Fit 5.0 (wireless)


SP Range:

Compex SP 2.0Compex SP 4.0Compex SP 6.0 (wireless)Compex SP 8.0 (wireless)


Compex muscle stimulator devices are very comfortable and easy to use. Its next group technology is truly not hampered with a difficult setup, harsh signals or complex programming. Aside from that, it can be used with all fitness enthusiasts and you don’t need to become an anatomy or electrical expert to utilize it. More and more people have already tried and tested the effectively and efficiency of EMS devices and they have reaped the preferred benefits.



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