97 Display
97 Display provides websites, digital advertisements, internet marketing and SEO for martial arts and fitness businesses. Their services include building websites with proven designs, optimizing sear engines, managing Facebook and Google AdWords campaigns and targeted marketing. The company is also a Google partner, which means their employees are trained and pass extensive exams on SEO and digital ads.



Active Management
Active Management provides services to make your fitness business more profitable including FitnessBiz events including webinar and podcasts, industry leader’s roundtables, business coaching for clubs and personal training business coaching. The company also provides online resources with support and networking with other members.



Association of Fitness Studio
AFS is the only trade association that is solely dedicated to providing the education, tools and resources for fitness studios to enhance their profitability while providing the platform for entrepreneurial fitness professionals to start their own businesses. The association provides studio owners with one cohesive organisation to support their efforts.



Fitness Industry Technology Council
The Fitness Industry Technology Council is a group of professionals representing leading companies/organizations in the fitness industry. The council seeks to grow the fitness industry, improve fitness user experience and mature the collection of real-time wellness data through the creation of interoperability standards for technology-based fitness devices.



HYLETE is changing the way performance apparel is purchased. Premium performance apparel is expensive, and with training often taking place 4 to 5 times a week, quality, variety, and value are key. You won’t find HYLETE in traditional retail stores. By removing the resellers mark-up, the savings are then passed on to you.




International Fitness Institute
The International Fitness Institute is a registered training organisation providing fitness education that is ‘agile, flexible and industry-driven’. The institute responds quickly to fitness trends, ensure the training process is hassle-free and has an educational model with the right skills that meet the needs of the industry. Qualifications provided include Certificate III in Fitness, Fitness Coach courses and the Elite Personal Trainer course (alternative to Certificate IV in Fitness.




LifeStyle180 is a bespoke sales and marketing consultancy who work closely with PT’s and Fitness Business Owners to help them unravel the problems in their business and their lives. We are dedicated to providing you with specific, actionable strategies to accomplish all your goals, one day at a time, with the confidence of knowing you are following the advice of true experts and then set about helping you build, grow and scale your business so that you can enjoy more time with those people who matter most to you.


Nudge Coach
Streamline lifestyle management with Nudge Coach. Personalized lifestyle management is the future of health services from healthcare to fitness. Nudge is leading the way by re-imagining the patient/client experience.



PT Academy
PT Academy is a registered training organisation providing fitness education. PT Academy under PTA Global delivers quality fitness education in over 15 countries globally. The academy ensures everyone’s experience is empowering, and the education is delivered in an encouraging and supportive environment. Qualifications provided include Certificate III and IV in Fitness, CEC courses and CEC Functional Training courses.



Soolis has created a digital and online platform for the fitness industry with main purpose of generating revenue for marketing clients and educating fitness enthusiasts on their local gyms, home gyms, fitness equipment and provide general fitness information. The company has over 50 years of experience in the fitness industry and over 20 years of experience in marketing and public relations.



AT SPORTS & FITNESS INSURANCE, OUR TEAM HAS MORE THAN 100 YEARS OF COMBINED EXPERIENCE IN THE FITNESS INDUSTRY. Explore our website and discover how our expertise can help you with your
gym insurance & personal trainer insurance needs.



Strength Matters
Strength Matters is a global print and digital media company inspiring everyday athletes to train smarter and lead healthier and fulfilling lifestyles. Discover our print magazine, digital podcasts, our online training coaching systems and come to one of our global events to discover the essence of Strength Matters.

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The College of Health and Fitness
The College of Health and Fitness is a family owned organisation that offers personalised service to ensure that you are training well and meet the industry standards. The college provides fitness education including Certificate III and IV in Fitness, and a further Diploma in Fitness after mastering these certifications and have experience. The college also provides business education courses including Certificate III and IV in Business for those who want to gain technical knowledge and skills for the industry.


The Fitness Business Podcast
The Fitness Business Podcast is the number 1 podcast to help any type of business in the fitness industry grow and succeed. The podcast provides amazing weekly interviews full of strategies, ideas and profound insights to help fitness businesses. Chantal is a fitness business coach with Active Management and provides technical knowledge with business strategies to support businesses in the industry.