Podcasts are the way that I learn best. You can listen to them when you’re in the car, on a bus, on the tube, on your bike, walking, running and even swimming if you have waterproof equipment. They keep your hands entirely free to do other things and best of all it’s like a conversation. Well, a conversation that you’re not involved in. Podcasts are actually how I first got interested in the health and fitness world. I was lost in the stream of information but managed to find some true gold mines on the internet which I’ve stayed listening to right up to today. If you don’t listen to any, I’d highly suggest you download some of these. They’re far less time consuming than reading articles or books while being 100% totally free and available on any smart device. Whether you’re interested in diet, performance, mindfulness or wellness there is something here for you. The reason that there’s only 9, opposed to 10, is that I wanted to be really diligent with what was included. If there’s a podcast you feel that I’ve missed off then please let me know as I may not of heard of it!8hefu4i81dsnft00ofzc

Good for: everyone and everything

Not good for: people who don’t like to be awesome

#1 – Ben Coomber Radio The podcast is co-hosted by Rachel Guy or ‘Athletic Fox’ and combines a sense of humour with a high volume of valuable knowledge bombs on topics ranging from steroids, depression, fat loss, muscle gain and pretty much any other topic you can think of. The show runs on listener questions so if you would like to know something particular then you can email in with a high chance of getting an answer. Personally, I’ve had all 3 of my questions answered on the podcast with extremely intricate and useful information. Alongside this there are loads of interviews from high ranking fitness professionals who share some of their thoughts on interesting and popular topics. If you care about your health, performance or PT clients then this is the podcast for you.28802

Good for: people who like a laugh, crossfit and getting strong

Not so good for: possibly females although they have a lot of female guests

#2 – Barbell Shrugged Run by a group of guys who are based on crossfit, weightlifting, powerlifting and just pure strength, the barbell shrugged podcast is like having a chat with your mates down the gym. Except your mates are extremely well qualified and teach you how improve every area of your body. Although the focus can be heavily on crossfit, I wouldn’t let this put you off if you’re not interested in the sport. Due to the varied nature of the training, the wisdom they share will hold value in anyone’s lifestyle.


Good for: people very interested in the intricacies of diet and getting the most out of food and healing the body

Not so good for: extreme IIFYM followers, people only interested in training

#3 – The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf Getting it’s namesake from his New York Times bestselling book, the paleo solution podcast takes an in depth look at the way we should be eating in order to get the maximum amount of benefits from our food. While there are bursts of training advice, the main focus is on how diet can be used to heal your body and improve your health. Obviously, the focus is on paleo but not as you may expect. It’s not preachy, as many paleo resources come across, instead it’s extremely scientific and friendly. The advice is based on pure evidence and doesn’t necessarily mean pure restriction. Those of you who are a fan of his book will love this show.


Good for: people looking to build muscle, improve their strength, look good

Not so good for: People not interested in bodybuilding or aesthetics

#4 – Phil Learney Nutrition And Performance Phil Learney is the no BS, go-to guy in the fitness industry. If you have an issue concerning your training then you can be sure he’ll be able to sort you out. Best of all, the podcast is free so you can get some absolutely top class advice on strength training, hypertrophy and fat loss straight from your smart device. The show covers a host of topics from supplements, diet and various training methods and reaches each individual one with high quality and useful answers.


Good for: people who want to improve their running or get more active extremely easily

Not so good for: experienced runners, people not interested in running

#5 – NHS Couch To 5K I’ve been following the NHS couch to 5k programme lately due to running being a real weakness for me. In fact, I’m not great at cardio in general. Spread over a 9 week period, this podcast aims to take you from running for 60 seconds to 30 minutes or 5K. That can seem daunting but the podcast due to the time span and the changes you make to your training each week, it’s extremely easy to progress. The podcast features a kind, female voice (who’s name I have forgotten. Sorry, NHS lady) who coaches you through the 30 minutes using a mixture of running and walking. This means that you can simply focus on the running and not worry about checking your watch or phone which can distract you from the task at hand. Along with this, the music changes every split which provides a new drive and fresh mindset. I’ve just completed week 3 and think that it’s an excellent programme provided by the NHS for people who want to become more active without being put off by intense exercise. I’m actually using it as my first step towards running the London marathon which I hope to complete next year!RHR-new-cover-lowres

Good for: personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts trying to dramatically improve their knowledge of diet

Not so good for: the general public, average gym goers

#6 – Revolution Health Radio by Chris Kresser Chris Kresser, M.S., L.Ac is an expert in ancestral health, nutrition and functional medicine who speaks on a wide range of topics set to improve your health. It’s an extremely geeky podcast that goes in depth on al things health related but if you’re into the intricacies of diet then this is the show for you. Be warned though, it is extremely nerdy.


#7 – Eat, Move and Live Better by Precision Nutrition The wisdom from one of the best coaching companies in the world world can now come directly to you via your ears at no cost whatsoever. This podcast is an absolute gold mine if you’re interested in getting results without all the fitness mumbo jumbo or confusion that’s infected the fitness industry. If you follow the advice that they put out, you’ll live a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Good for: people who want to great results without losing their mind

Not so good for: people who aren’t interested in looking, feeling or performing well


Good for: personal trainers, athletes and anyone who wants to get the most out of their training and nutrition

Not so good for: anybody casually interested in fitness

#8 – Guru Performance We Do Science A podcast aimed at the nerdier among the group, ‘We Do Science’ combines real life examples with evidence, studies and research to deliver one of the best podcasts for anybody who wants to further their knowledge of the body. Hosted by Laurent Bannock of the famous ISSN, each show is an interview with leaders in the field of performance nutrition. If you’re worried about not being able to understand then I wouldn’t worry as it is normally explained thoroughly and it no nonsense terms for the less educated (such as I).


Good for: anyone looking to build muscle, lose fat or take charge of their own outlook on life

Not so good for: females, while there are occasional shows on achieving ‘goddess-like’ physiques the bulk of the show is more male-friendly

#9 – The Road To Ripped Hosted by Greg O’Gallagher of kinobody.com, the Road to Ripped podcast is focused around building muscle and getting lean without losing your mind. With tips on diet and the benefits of intermittent fasting to workouts where he states that you don’t need to live your life in the gym to get the body you want, the show really drives in high quality content and cuts out some of the nonsense in the industry. There are also podcasts on recovering from eating disorders, the mindset you need to achieve your goals and be happy as well as how to act and look good to impress other people.

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