About us

Simple, but powerful vision

OneFitStop has a simple, but powerful vision to change the way the fitness industry operates by providing effective technology solutions to manage fitness business operations. As a company, we cater specifically to the fitness domain and focus on two key areas for fitness businesses: Business Management and Fitness Tracking.

The software aligns with a range of fitness professions ranging from personal trainers through to fitness studios, gyms and health club facilities. Our complete and easy to use platform reduces overall administration hours of managing business operations, supports all the necessary tasks required for business success and enables effective growth.

OneFitStop operates on an international scale with dedicated teams of fitness, business and technical experts and innovators. Globally, OneFitStop is the clear software choice for managing fitness business operations.


  • Leading by Example

    We inspire fitness professionals to generate business success by translating their vision into reality. As a company, we are dedicated to providing our users with a complete software and the best service.

  • Ongoing innovation

    The continued evolution and advancement of the software is crucial for the long term success of the business owners we service. The speed of change is accelerating and all businesses need to accept the dynamic nature of today's digital world in order to survive.

  • Maintaining Integrity

    At OneFitStop, we value honesty and fairness in regards to providing the correct business advice, knowledge and insights.

  • Commitment to the Fitness, Health and Wellness Industries

    Maintaining your health and wellbeing is at the forefront of today's society. We love what we do here at OneFitStop, and we are dedicated to the ongoing improvement of the fitness industry.