OneFitStop Secures Initial Seed Funding For Innovative On-The-Go SME Platform
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  • Seed Funding Secured
  • Platform Acquired Nearly 1000 Beta Testers To Date
  • $750k Capital Raising Target For 2015
  • Large Contracts For Fitness Industry Anticipated

SYDNEY, NSW - Nov. 10, 2014 - OneFitStop, the on-the-go cloud based SME platform and online community, has managed to secure an initial investment ahead of its $750k investment roadmap for 2015. The seed funding will be utilized for the finalization of OneFitStop’s innovative platform and rollout into the Australian fitness industry. Following a soft launch at the Australian Health and Fitness Expo in 2014 and the recruitment of nearly 1000 Beta testers in the same year, the company attracted the attention of Sydney based Angel investor, Lewis Bloch.

OneFitStop, which launched in the fitness industry this year, has been in a development and a Beta testing phase since 2012, with efforts based solely on the development of an effective and efficient platform for micro and small businesses operating on the go. “OneFitStop allows small and micro businesses to manage and grow, by focusing on all the things that businesses hate doing, but need to do”, so says Co-founder David Zeff.

A veteran of the fitness industry, Mr Zeff created OneFitStop alongside tech expert and co- founder Jarron Aizen after noticing many pitfalls of the industry, which lead to its notorious high turnover rate and poor business performance.

The platform, which has already received the support of the Australian Government and of key figures in the Australian Fitness Industry, focuses on seamless automation of many of the necessary processes to manage and grow a business. Mr Aizen, who works closely with its technology development, believes that the platform’s success relies on its ease of use and accessibility: “Our goal is to create an innovative, highly accessible business and communication platform which will be available both online and offline in app form across mobile, tablet and computer mediums. We believe this will create a dramatic improvement in the day to day lives of small businesses across industries where services are dominant.” he said.

OneFitStop expects to initially launch its finalized platform for the Australian fitness industry, where 30,000 personal trainers and 3.3 million Australians are currently active in, by April 2015. The company intends on working closely with key industry bodies, governmental and industry associations to effectively facilitate its market acceptance.

Australia’s #1 Fitness Business Management and Growth Platform

OneFitStop is the #1 fitness business management and growth platform in Australia. We connect fitness professionals with fitness enthusiasts in one complete and enjoyable place.

OneFitStop hosts a benchmark client management and growth platform, an advanced trainer directory, fully stocked store, professionally written articles and the ability to share progress with trainers and friends.

OneFitStop Features include:

Client Communication made simple. - One platform to: Set programs & goals, monitor client performance, encourage clients to share their progress with others, Save, print and email results, generate feedback and showcase trainer skills.

Payment Management: On time, every time. – Easily create individual payment and multi session packages. Set daily, weekly, fornightly & monthly debit payments. Monitor, adjust and save your client payment history. Forecast and track earnings and expenses. Secure PCI-Level 2 compliance ensures payments are safe and on time. Competitive and transparent processing fees. Affordable client payment management with no lock-in contracts.

Lead Generation: Get recognised by the right people. – List your business for free and find clients in your local area. Appeal to a targetted fitness community. Link your social media pages, blog posts and other websites to boost search traffic. Share your knowledge on health, fitness and happiness through articles designed to attract fitness enthusiasts.

Targeted Advertisements: Busy is good. - Create targeted adverts for upcoming sessions and fill your diary. We do the SEO work for you, providing effective online marketing tools designed specifically for personal trainers. Get contacted and paid by clients directly before your session begins. Generate session feedback and showcase your skills.

Product Based Deal Value - Base allows users to build a product catalog and then add products to populate the price of a deal. Accurate deal values contribute to accurate forecasting and allow sophisticated reporting capabilities that help companies predict which products can sell better than others.

Wholesale Products: An Online Store For Professionals – Purchase quality supplements, equipment, apparel and accessories at wholesale prices. Secure, quick and easy checkout with on time delivery. Sell products to your clients, ensuring they get the best. Earn commission when clients mention you at the checkout.

Pricing and availability:

OneFitStop currently offers 3 membership levels: Fitness Professional, Master Trainer and Fitness Enterprise. Professional account pricing starts at $19.95p/m. For a free trial of OneFitStop, please visit

OneFitStop Trainers Share Their Thoughts:

"I made the decision to create a OneFitStop account earlier this year. Since then it has allowed me to communicate with my clients effectively. I can not only plan their training schedule and programs, but manage my invoices and payments with ease. OneFitStop has made my administration of my business easier, allowing me to concentrate on my clients and their needs."

-Brett L., Personal Trainer & Bootcamp Operator

"I used to find it really awkward to chase my clients for session payments. It felt terrible to have to beg for money that I had already earned. OneFitStop made this so easy with their incredible direct debiting tools!"

-Carie M., Personal trainer.

"After having to start my fitness business again in a new location, I've found that being on the OneFitStop directory has helped send new leads my way. Plus, by linking up to my OneFitStop account, I didn't lose my old website or social media pages!"

-James P., Personal Trainer.

"OneFitStop made it simple for me to find new clients in my area with their incredible advertising tools. I can also share my views, availabilities and even write articles for my new clients to read up on when they are lying on the couch recovering from my sessions!"

-Kate R., Personal Trainer & Outdoor Fitness Specialist.

"I use OneFitStop to buy quality equipment for my fitness business and I earn a secondary income by selling the best branded products and supplements to my clients via my trainer wholesale account."

-Wayne P., Personal Training Studio Operator.

About OneFitStop

OneFitStop helps fitness professionals to manage and grow their fitness businesses.

Headquartered in Sydney Australia, OneFitStop empowers small and micro businesses with effective, on the go tools to achieve their business objectives and build relationships with their clients. Launched in 2012, OneFitStop has a dedicated team of fitness, business and technical innovators. OneFitStop is Australia's #1 business management and growth platform for fitness professionals.

We have worked in varying levels with the most respected bodies in the Australian fitness industry including gyms, educators, suppliers, and session facilitators, such as Fitness Australia, The Australian Health & Fitness Expo, Australian Sports Nutrition, Flush Fitness, Gym Stick Australia, Open Colleges, Core 150 Australia, Whey Whip, Compex, AIPT, The Australian Institute of Fitness, Max Fitness College, North Shore Gym and more.