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Many fitness professionals often remark that they never expected to be spending as much time booking in clients and managing their business as they currently do.

By now you probably know that there is more to being a fitness professional than simply providing quality sessions. For many fitness professionals, there seems to be an inverse relationship between booking many clients and ensuring time for themselves. Unfortunately, those who are usually the busiest are often most at risk of burning out. Being busy is no excuse to miss sessions or neglect your own health and so our online booking software ensures that you're on track every day, without a fuss.


Easily Add Clients Or Groups

If you're asking yourself how much time it will take to add your clients or groups onto our platform, we've got the answer: 3 seconds per client. We've worked hard to create a tried and tested online client booking software that makes growing and managing your fitness business much easier.

Our easy to use online booking software allows clients to simply receive and accept an email request to connect with their fitness professional. Once connected, you can begin communicating, scheduling sessions and payments and sharing programs, assessments and goals.

For group trainers, we allow for multiple online client booking and one step group creation, meaning that session bookings, payment requests, invoices, programs, assessments and messages can be sent to all group members instantly and automatically. Whether you train groups of 5 or 50, our online software save you hours.


Create templates

If you're often creating programs for clients or wish to save a program that you have created, you can easily save templates online for future use. With one click, share programs with individuals or groups of clients. Media, links and notes can be added to programs to ensure that your clients receive your full support outside of the session.

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