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Looking for affordable, high quality fitness equipment in Australia?

Well, it’s time to make your fitness journey a whole lot simpler, more effective and more enjoyable.

Presenting One Fit Stop. An Australian based online fitness community and online store dedicated to providing the best possible resources for all fitness users no matter how you interact within the industry.

We have a wide range of cardio equipment; from the traditional rowers, treadmills, ellipticals, fan bikes and stationary bikes to boxing gear, battle ropes, agility ladders and many more awesome products to take your heart health and your fat loss journey to the next level. Find it here:

If its strength you are after, then you must take a look at our incredible range of strength training machines and accessories. We stock everything from large all in one cable machines, to benches, racks, bars, kettlebells, dumbells, chin up bars, gymnastic rings, gloves and many more. Build your strength here:

For those of you who enjoy the more relaxed approach, we have to show you our Yoga and Pilates range of equipment which includes mats, foam rollers, gym balls and balance boards. Have a look over here:

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We’re hoping to create the world’s greatest fitness community with so many more tools than just an online store.

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