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Yoga and Pilates have become increasingly popular in Australia over the past years. With between 1.7% to 2.9% of Australians practicing yoga. Many Australians choose to buy Yoga Wear online, as many online shopping facilities such as OneFitStop make for ease of purchase. Yoga has branched off in many different directions, including yoga online, bikram yoga and hatha yoga.

Part of the appeal of yoga is that there is very little fitness and gym equipment needed for its practice. A yoga mat, yoga pants and yoga wear, such as compression tights is advisable, but yoga can be performed anywhere and can be taught online.

Pilates is a more intensive form of yoga and involves more effort in the abdominal muscles. Despite mostly being bodily strength based, pilates equipment can include  pilates wear, pilates mat, pilates clothes and a pilates reformer, which is only suggested to use in a dedicated pilates gym or fitness centre.

To buy pilates and yoga equipment in Australia, OneFitStop hosts an easy to navigate, cheap and dedicated shop, for all of your yoga and pilates shopping online. OneFitStop ships our yoga and pilates equipmenton the same day as ordered and we strive to ensure that your yoga and pilates needs are met.



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