We enable forward-thinking brands in the fitness industry

Are you tired of hearing the word “add-on”?
Is it frustrating when your software just doesn’t do everything?
Your clients, members and staff deserve better than dealing with a fragmented technology ecosystem.
The “WHY” is how OneFitStop began and our ambition to change the lives of people in the fitness industry.
This is where OneFitStop came from and where it continues to change the lives of people all around the world.
It’s designed to get you ahead of the game and build a successful enterprise with an innovative solution tailored to your businesses needs.

Utilize a CRM system and marketing automation capabilities


Gain corporate insights, analytics and control

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    • Client management
    • Membership management
    • Payment collection
    • Advanced analytics and reporting
    • Triggered communication (Email, SMS, Push)
    • Custom communication (Email, SMS, Push)
    • Linked family accounts
    • Class scheduling
    • Pick your position booking
    • Waitlist management
    • Workshops and events
    • Private appointments
    • Custom properties and account alerts
    • Branded website widgets
    • Kiosk and barcode check-in
    • Access control systems
    • Promo codes and gift cards
    • Staff management and access groups
    • Zapier integration
    • ClassPass integration
    • Digital signature agreements
    • World-class user experience
    • Customized perfectly for your brand
    • Easily book, pay and engage
    • Access live and on-demand content
    • View attendance stats
    • Barcode check-in
    • Refer friend incentives
    • Buy and claim gift cards
    • View full billing and booking history
    • Create FAQ’s
    • Multi-lingual support
    • Instructor profiles
    • Social sharing
    • Digital signatures and agreements
    • Multi-location access
    • Alerts for failed and account balances
    • Prospect and lead tracking
    • Create custom opportunity pipelines
    • Automated campaigns
    • Automated task creation and lead assigning
    • Two-way SMS communication
    • Funnel landing pages
    • Custom webpages
    • Integrations to Facebook and AdWords
    • Deep analytics and reporting
    • Dynamic central control for multi-locations
    • Drive reviews and referrals
    • Call dialling and call recording
    • Surveys and forms
    • HTML email builder
    • Smart lists and advanced account tagging
    • On-demand video distribution
    • Live session broadcasts
    • Advanced content: articles & recipes
    • Advanced paywall control
    • Omni-channel access (one app for all)
    • Content scheduling
    • Multilingual translations
    • DVR playback
    • Engagement and playback analytics
    • Multi-site performance dashboard
    • Dedicated KPI reports
    • Custom reporting options
    • Group wide system control
    • API access