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Everything you need in one software solution.

OneFitStop is the perfect technology partner for your business because it’s built from a dedicated understanding of the fitness industry.

Concerned about moving software solutions?

Don’t be – we’ve got you. Very quickly you’ll be thankful you made the switch to OneFitStop!

We believe there’s elegance in simplicity. As it goes, we combine OneFitStop technology with a disciplined training and implementation process that results in no surprises and everything to gain. You can rest assured we’ll walk you through every step so there will be no transition issues.

Our team is here to help you succeed

Many hands make for light work. Managing a business is the same for both of us – it’s a team game. OneFitStop enhances your business by delivering new features at a high velocity. Our solution is the sum of the “Best Known Methods” that we continue to improve upon with every new trend in our industry.

New platform features

Each new customer and conversation brings a different perspective to our vision of delivering an awesome customer experience. These new ideas inspire our team to create more enhancements which we release every month (even weekly!). Our current and new clients get to take advantage of all these developments by the choices they make during setup – Getting you closer to your ideal operational outcome. We’ve designed the process to be as seamless and simple as possible – and we’ve done this many times! – all for the benefit of your members!

Where do I start with OneFitStop

Let’s begin with a call together to talk over what’s important to you, as well as the high-level direction so we can tick off a couple of key points that are important to your studio. If you find that we offer you a solution that can improve your business, we can discuss all of your options, the benefits you’ll discover and how OneFitStop fits into improving the customer journey for your members. From there it’s easy – we manage the planning, training, data migration and go-live date.

We’ve designed the process to be as seamless and simple as possible – and we’ve done this many times!

Access Control and Checking-in Members

Knowing the stats around your member traffic, engagement, utilization and retention helps you make more informed decisions. OneFitStop facilitates this through 24/7 access control integration, Studio Kiosk attendance or mobile phone self-check-in – whichever options suit your flow or preferences.

Bringing all the elements together for you.

Strategic partners bring skills to the project team and to your solution. OneFitStop partners include:

  • Payment Gateway companies EzyPay, Stripe, Midtrans and Fat Zebra
  • Access Control partners including Inner Range, Gantner and GloryStar.
  • Solution partners including ClassPass, Spivi and eVolt.

Great partners deliver great solutions. If you have great partners that you’d like us to know about, we would love to meet them!

Learn more about our feature-rich OneFitStop suite dedicated to the success of your business