Partner with a technology that is your billing partner and a whole lot more.

Many speak about creating highly engaging member experiences - or at least that they are 'working towards' this goal. Why wait, when it is already available today? Build physical and digital communities in an omni-channel experience.
In club

Seamless check-in, class booking and PT management. Get paid on time with business insights to unlock continual growth.

Live and on-demand

Engage with members at home with live streaming or on demand video and content including articles and recipes.

In club

Seamless check in and point-of-sale so you can keep creating the experience that keeps you members coming back.

Digital world

Your members can now take your brand with them, wherever they are in the world.


Create meaningful touch points with your client every step of their journey experiencing your brand.

Business suite

We are a business partner. After all, we are with you day-in and day-out to support your success. You can count on us.

  • Scheduling
  • Payment processing
  • Reporting

  • Business suite
  • Customer experience

    Let your clients experience a friction-free ecosystem with access to your business from the palm of their hands or integrated seamlessly into your website.

    • Custom branded apps
    • Integrated website widgets
    • Communication tools

  • Customer experience
  • Analytics

    Access reports that are designed for the fitness industry. Unlock the clarity you need to drive informed decisions around the business.

    • Easily customize your reports
    • Create new reporting categories
    • Access your KPI’s on the fly

  • Analytics
    • Scheduling

      Quickly create classes, instructors and control access with granular booking and waitlist permissions.

      Payment processing

      We give you the framework to configure your pricing and services the way you want it, not the way any software tells you how it should be done!

      Custom branded apps

      Give your clients your brand to take with them when they leave the studio. Stay engaged and communicate via push notification, enable referrals and social sharing.


      Stay engaged with your clients with triggered and custom emailing, SMS and push notifications.


      Access meaningful reports that make sense and help you make informed decisions so you can exceed your business goals.


      We get to know your business so we can support your business. We care about your success and that means we will be available anytime you need us.

      Our customer stories

      The migration process was seamless. Their attention to detail, training and support has been really impressive.

      Nick Thorogood

      Odyssey MVMT, Bali

      We have a technology partner who is always available to innovate with us and support our business growth.

      Hannah Gower

      Body Fit Training (multi-site owner)

      Our franchise is thriving with a branded app that creates a frictionless experience for all of our members.

      Alan Sacharowitz

      Co-founder, Infinite Cycle

      Find out how we can partner with your business

      Get a personalized walkthrough of the software so we can get to know each other and help you exceed your business goals.