Grow Your Fitness Business, lesson #2: Be known for your skills

Continued from “ A 20 step guide to growing a successful fitness business in 2015”
Step 2: Be known for your skills and the value that you add.
Once you’ve ensured that you are up to date and ready to train, its time to consider your strengths and weaknesses and what value you can add for a potential client. A great place to start is to evaluate your interests and experience so far and aim to provide something you are good at, not what you don’t know. If you love yoga and keep yourself lean year round, you probably are going to struggle as a bodybuilding coach, so stick to your guns and share that value with your future clients.

By employing this method, you’ll find that people respond to you as one does to a specialist and as you hone in your skillset, you’ll be able to charge higher fees for sessions and will only be conducting the sessions that you enjoy. It’s a win win all round!
Resist the urge to be a “one stop shop” for everyone’s fitness goals. By specialising in one or a few areas, you’ll ensure that new leads approach you often and you will become known by your clients and their friends as “the trainer who builds six packs” or something similar.
Exercise: Take 2 minutes to write down the top 3 workout types that you enjoy. Now match them to your skillset. If you have a match, that’s where you should be focussing. If not, perhaps head to back to step 1 and re-educate yourself in something that you’re interested in. Knowledge is powerful!

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