Grow Your Fitness Business, Lesson #7-Make sure that you manage your leads

Continued from “ A 20 step guide to growing a successful fitness business in 2015”
Lesson #7: Make sure that you have a leads management system in place
If you’ve performed steps 1-5 correctly, there’s a likely chance that you’ll be capturing people’s names, numbers and email addresses. Managing and converting these leads is now crucial to securing new clients and must be done professionally to be effective.

Make sure that you keep track of all your leads, so that you can maximise conversion rates!

Lucky for you, OneFitStop offers a Leads Folder, where all information from your leads can be kept and stored including name, number, email, notes and any updates. Mark your leads as active (high chance of conversion) or inactive (not going to happen this time). Plus, when you are ready to convert them to a client, you can do so with 1 click and they’ll receive a notification to connect.
Exercise: On your OneFitStop account, login and head to the leads folder in the Clients section. Click on “Add lead” and add all the information that you’ve gained from the prospective client for safekeeping.
After all the effort you’ve put into securing new leads, it’s important to make sure they stick!
Read on to learn one of the best ways to do so….

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