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We understand that the thought of migration is daunting. The good news is that we have done this before, many times over! This is why we partner with you every step of the way.

Here’s what’s involved:

  • 1
    Timeline objectives

    Every good project has timelines and milestones that all parties work towards. Successful migration results from sound alignment.

  • 2
    Data preparation

    We inspect your current systems and data in order to guide you through the setup of OneFitStop for a smooth transition. In addition, our team will assist you with the data extraction process from your legacy software.

  • 3
    Go live training

    Before you go live your team will be fully trained and made comfortable, aware of all the steps on the day of migration.

  • 4
    Go live day

    The ”Go-Live” day starts the moment we receive the data extracts from your legacy software. Our team works behind the scenes to begin the import and soon after your systems will be ready to go!

What data can you migrate?

Our goal is to bring across as much data as possible – as long as your legacy software can extract the information. Our goal is to migrate:

  • All client and member data including (phone, email, DOB, gender, address, join dates, notes, alerts, barcodes)
  • Historical visits
  • Historical payments and purchases
  • All packs (with correct credits remaining) and memberships activated with payment methods re-tokenized securely (you will not have to recollect payment methods)
  • Account balances
  • Unused gift card balances
  • All future sessions or classes booked

Are there any costs for migration?

The costing of your migration is assessed on a case by case basis. Old legacy systems can involve a complex data extraction process which will require additional services. But don’t worry – we’ll assess everything before you even start so we can work out timeframes and measure the complexity of what’s required. Then we can discuss your options and the outcomes.

How do I notify my clients that we have changed systems?

During the data migration process, all client data including bookings (past and future), packs, memberships and payment methods will transfer seamlessly.

The only action clients need to take is to download your new Branded App or perhaps reset their password to access their accounts and everything will be waiting for them when they arrive. It’s designed to maximize their convenience.

Many businesses also use the migration process to re-collect missing client data. You can configure OneFitStop to prompt the client to fill in the missing fields on their account when they log in for the first time.

How long does the whole migration take?

Our team works closely with your teams to mutually agree on the project timelines. Migrations can take place in days if there is an immediate requirement to make a move, whilst larger multi-location groups may wish to plan ahead, weeks before execution.

We always recommend a 2-4 week timeline to carefully plan and ‘flick the switches’. This will ensure we have enough timing to submit your new Branded App, train your staff, help you prepare emails to send to your clients for the day of migration and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Join the movement today – you’re in excellent company.

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