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Choose your CORE

Member App
Class & Private Scheduling
Live Streaming
Basic Reporting
Account Alerts
Website Embed
Zapier Integration
Email Support
OneFitStop Client App
Fitness Tracking
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All feature in Solo plus:
Staff Management (10 Staff)
Workshop Scheduling
Payroll Reporting
Customize Auto Email, SMS & Push
Advanced Reporting
Barcode & Kiosk Check-In
Inventory & POS Store
ClassPass Integration
One-on-One Onboarding
Email & Phone Support
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All features in Elite plus:
Multi-location Enablements
Team Access Groups
Resource Booking
24/7 Access Control
API Access
Enterprise Reporting
Custom Properties & Alerts
Assigned Account Manager
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Step 2

Stack it up!

CONNECT - Branded Client App

Create immersive member experiences with your own branded app. Easily communicate with targeted push notifications and alerts. Your brands self-service portal that your members will love and carry with them all day long!

FUEL - CRM & Marketing Automation

Manage your prospects and leads with pipeline opportunities, automated workflows and campaigns including emails, SMS, calls, tasks and more. Integrate with Facebook and Google along with custom forms and surveys to track all inbound sources and track ROI.

EXPERIENCE - Digital Content Suite

A true hybrid experience like no other. Through digital, create highly engaging and personalized touch points with members via video (on-demand), articles and recipes. Segment and target different user groups with multi-tiered paywalls. Unlock the power and value of going digital to nurture member journeys, create new revenue stream and keep members engaged for longer.

CONTROL - Corporate Dashboard

Maintain control with corporate analytics and corporate control. Access meaningful insights with accurate and highly informative reporting built for the fitness sector. Control your scaling network from a single dashboard to maintain consistent configurations and compliance.

What are the costs to use OneFitStop?

We might gently ask what the costs are of continuing to run your old software?  Most of our clients have a monthly rate which can be secured for a period of time. There are a few variables: # of locations, # of team members, the number of OneFitStack Solution elements, as well as the project roll-out assignments between our teams. It would be surprising if you could get an equivalent OneFitStack solution set at lower rate per location than from OneFitStop. Let’s talk about this – it should be a win/win.

Are there costs for data migration

This is a “it depends” response…sorry. Some systems are pretty old and the data from them isn’t pretty either. We need to talk sooner than later. Most of our clients are not investing for a month, they are partnering with us for a couple years. The stronger the partnership, the lower the costs for Data Migration. We need to inspect, evaluate the data transformation effort and talk with you about what we learn.

Can I start with the core membership management and booking system?

The OneFitStack solution is modular. The Core module is the base upon which all other capabilities are possible. Most studios combine the Core Module with a Custom Branded App and the Content Management System. When you see these three together, we believe you’ll get some new ideas about building member engagement…and you’ll be able to make it happen!

Multi-site operations

Franchise and Corporate multi-site fitness businesses are the ones which truly leverage the full OneFitStack solution which builds upon the Core Module, Custom Branded App and Content Management System by including Marketing Automation, Corporate Dashboard Controls and wait until you meet SAL, our Studio Analytics Leaderboard.

Integrating OneFitStop to other systems

Deep and Fast –Our OneFitStack solution is built on an API foundation that gives deep integration where it’s needed, yet over 2000 applications can be connected to OneFitStop at the Zap of a finger :wink: Let’s talk about your requirements and get into the details of what you need to deliver.

Do you have multiple locations?

Our OneFitStack modular approach is scalable for your multi-location group. Find out more about our dedicated services for Account Management and our approach to standardize and systemize control through your corporation.

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