OneFitStop is the most complete business platform in the world for fitness professionals and businesses. Our customers continuously say we have the most effective and simple platform on the market.

But don’t just take it from us, this is what
Adam (Palm Beach) said;

I used to spend hours on my business, not in my business. OneFitStop has freed me up from all of that so I can now work in my business and grow it”

Fitness Businesses Choose OneFitStop Because:


Do not waste your time and money adding on third party affiliates for basic business tasks. OneFitStop does it all and will save you money at the same time.

Superior Support

Our global support team will be ready to whenever you need and we don’t just wait for you to contact us, we go the extra mile and reach out to offer support.

Only for Fitness

It’s simple. We love the fitness industry and our focus is to give back to fitness businesses with a software catering only to our industry.

Easy to Use

Imagine the thought of knowing how to use an entire client management software within an hour? We know this may come as a shock but this is actually possible with OneFitStop!

No Contracts

We let the product speak for itself. No lock in contracts mean that our service is pay-as-you-go.

Branded Embedding

Custom brand and embed OneFitStop into your website and Facebook page. Give your clients the personalized experience they deserve.

Use another software? OneFitStop will assist with all data transfer for FREE. Our support teams will guide your business step-by-step throughout the seamless transfer.

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Reasons Why You Are Going To Love

Manage your schedule easily and effectively.

Manage your schedule easily and effectively.

Visually keep up-to-date and ensure you and your clients never miss a session.

  • Create and book sessions and group classes
  • Use templates to quickly create new sessions
  • Track attendance and payments
  • Enable clients to request session
  • Sync your calendar with your phone or computer
  • Embed into your website or Facebook page

Don’t waste your time on support calls, focus on you and your business.

“OneFitStop enabled me to reduce the time I spent on support calls saving me over 4 hours per week!”

We take the time to ensure OneFitStop is the right fit.

“The amazing OneFitStop team took the time to understand my business from day 1 so that I knew the software was the best fit for my structure and operations.”

Already have a software? We make sure that transfers are seamless.

“Finding the right alternative is the first step, but knowing that the OneFitStop team was available to transfer all my information made the decision to switch that much easier”

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